Minutes of June 22, 1995 Meeting

Minutes of June 22, 1995 Meeting

       The meeting convened at 2:06 p.m. in room 817 Cathedral of Learning.

       UPBC members present were: Thomas Anderson, Jacob Birnberg, John Brice,
George Chambers, Thomas Detre, Ronald Gardner, Darlene Harris, Brian Hart,
James Holland, Randy Juhl, Peter Koehler, James Maher, Franklin McCarthy,
Glenn Nelson, Michael Stuckart, Ben Tuchi, Philip Wion, and Judith Zimmerman. 
Also present were: John Depaola, Joseph Gil, Jeffrey Liebmann, William Madden,
Jeffrey Masnick, Keith McDuffie, Mark Nordenberg, Robert Pack, Art Ramicone,
Lawrence Weber, and Donald Yealy.
       UPBC members not present were: Toni Carbo Bearman, James Cassing,
Jeffrey Romoff, Bruce Williams, Jeffrey Woodard, and Julius Youngner.

Approval of Minutes

       The minutes of the May 15 meeting, including the codicil to the motion
regarding the FY 1995 Parameters, were approved.

Discussion with Mark Nordenberg

       Incoming Interim Chancellor Nordenberg expressed support for the
Planning and Budgeting System (PBS) and the role of the UPBC in promoting the
development of planning products needed to move the University forward.  A
general discussion about the effectiveness and role of the UPBC followed. 
Koehler expressed concern that the UPBC spends a disproportionate amount of
time on Provost's area issues and does not receive an equal amount of
information from other Vice Chancellor and Senior Vice Chancellor areas.
       Holland noted that the upcoming PBS evaluation will provide an
opportunity to improve its effectiveness.  Wion cited UPBC accomplishments,
such as an improved attribution methodology and more realistic operating
budget parameters.  He stated that the goals and strategies contained in
"Toward the 21st Century" were lacking prior to the implementation of PBS,
although the full integration of this document with unit operating budgets
remains to be accomplished.  Wion suggested increasing the involvement of the
Chancellor in PBS.  Nordenberg affirmed his mutually supportive working
partnership with the Provost.
       Among his priorities, Nordenberg cited perfecting the Planning and
Budgeting System in order to design the future University; addressing matters
of quality and resources; controlling capital expenditures; addressing
external constraints and opportunities; and improving the University's public
image.  In response to Koehler's question, Nordenberg reviewed discussions
with the new Board of Trustees Chair, which included the need to move ahead
with planning and budgeting for the Athletics Department.

Proposal Upgrading Emergency Medicine from Division to Department Status

       Pack stated that the proposal originated in the School of Medicine
Planning and Budgeting Committee and has received approval from the University
Council on Graduate Study and a positive budgetary review.  Detre stated that
the growth of Emergency Medicine is one of the most dramatic developments in
the past 20 years.  He stated that the specialty was generally started in
departments of internal medicine to provide the specialty the opportunity to
mature.  Yealy explained that the proposed action is occurring in most similar
programs across the country, stating that departmental status will enhance
retention efforts and help articulate a clear vision of where the current
Division of Emergency Medicine wants to go.
       In response to Wion's question, Yealy stated that the current Division
already has a separate practice plan account within the Department of Medicine
and that the proposed action will not alter the unit's ability to grow and
meet budgetary responsibilities.  He indicated that future departmental
revenues will consist mostly of clinical revenues with some grant funding. 
Masnick added that departmental status will facilitate formation of needed
networks among hospital emergency departments.
       Masnick also added that, upon approval of the proposal, Emergency
Medicine's current three-year plan will be developed into a five-year plan and
incorporated into the School of Medicine's long-range plan.  In response to
Stuckart's question, Yealy explained that space requirements of the new
department will evolve over the next three years and will be incorporated as
part of the total reallocation of space within the School of Medicine. 
Holland moved that the UPBC recommend approval of the proposal to upgrade the
Division of Emergency Medicine to departmental status.  Koehler seconded.  The
motion was approved unanimously.

       The meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.